Telecommunication Everywhere

Telecommunication networks are what tie all the Information exchanges at work in today’s interconnected world. Your personal phone calls, text messages to your business partner, and wireless at the coffee shop all rely on the smooth operations of the telecommunication networks around us, big and small.

Our culture's reliance on the Internet, mobile phones, wireless network, broadcasting, and satellite has led to the exponential growth of the telecommunications industry. Now more than ever before, engineers and developers must adapt technical and functional capabilities in new ways to maintain, improve, and develop communication networks and systems.

Building Networks That Thrive

Eagle Network Solutions delivers telecommunications services that define and design the way technology networks serve our greater society. Our professionals utilize extensive knowledge and experience in the field to deliver exceptional results and overcome the complex challenges facing the world’s most elite organizations.

Eagle Network Solutions helps public and private sector businesses achieve strategic goals by building smarter and faster telecommunication systems that can meet the constant and pressing demands from customers and providers. Our end-to-end telecommunications services emphasize thoughtfulness and preparedness in executing needs assessment and conceptual design establishing a best-case-scenario approach to achieving our customer’s goals, and delivering on it. ENS services improve the ways organizations operate their telecommunications infrastructures, maximizing the efficiency and reliability of mission-critical systems.

Areas of Expertise

The outstanding engineers and developers at ENS are your resources to maximize the planning, design, bidding, implementation, maintenance, and development of telecommunication networks for our clients. We offer expert guidance throughout all phases of project lifecycles in our commitment to strong communication and superior customer service.

ENS Core areas of expertise include:

    • Optical
    • Switching & Routing
    • VoIP
    • Virtualization
    • Server Load Balancing
    • Network Storage
    • NIDS
    • NIPS
    • VPN
    • Firewalls
    • Customization & Automation
    • SIEM
Custom Solutions, Built To Last

ENS understands the uniqueness of every telecommunications network. Using thoughtful and innovative business strategies developed by the best and the brightest in the industry, our telecommunication specialists deliver custom services and solutions to meet the diverse and sophisticated business needs of each client.

We don’t focus on just deliverables—we focus on delighting our customers. Our custom solutions are unique in their ability to meet everyday demands reliably and effectively and to achieve overarching strategic goals that exceed the expectations of shareholders.