About Us


Since 2003, Eagle Network Solutions has delivered industry-leading telecommunications infrastructure services to the world’s most elite organizations. These organizations rely on state of the art technology solutions that are secure, efficient, reliable, and innovative. To meet these needs, they rely on us.

After all, superior functionality and technical excellence have always been the hallmarks of our work. Delivering best-in-class solutions from Day 1 has led our organization from the back of a napkin to the top of the world. Eagle Network Solutions provides our partners with best-in-class telecommunications solutions, large-scale infrastructure development, network testing, cyber security services, and critical staffing for major commercial and government clients. Our end-to-end solutions and global expertise have benefited our partners in optimizing productivity, achieving cost savings and continuous improvement, and maximizing profit in the evolving tech landscape.

CIO Review
CIO Review Certificate: An annual listing of companies that are in the forefront of providing Juniper solutions and impacting the marketplace

Headquartered in Burlington, Vermont and with a regional presence in Washington, DC, ENS operates within the most technologically sophisticated environments that exist. We provide subject matter expertise on an expanding range of industries for clients as diverse as Apple, Facebook, IBM, Juniper, Lockheed Martin, and the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency. Our developers and engineers are dedicated to delivering excellence in mission critical projects by the masterful application of hard work, creativity, and quality. We bring premiere ideas and methodologies to the field every day, and in doing so, we change the way people work, play, and everything in between.

Eagle Network Solutions Business Status & Classification Codes:

Eagle Network Solutions has Small Business (SBA) status.

Eagle Network Solutions business classification (NAICS) codes:

  • 541330: Acoustical engineering consulting services
  • 541511: Applications software programming services, custom computer
  • 541512: CAD (computer-aided design) systems integration design services
  • 541513: Computer systems facilities (i.e., clients' facilities) management and operation services
  • 541519: Computer disaster recovery services
  • 541611: Administrative management consulting services
  • 541618: Telecommunications management consulting services
  • 561320: Help supply services
  • 611420: Computer operator training