U.S. company Eagle Network Solutions will partner with a British AI startup

Eagle Network Solutions announced its decision a week ago. The company's financial analysts assure that after implementing artificial intelligence in Eagle Network Solutions' operations, the company's productivity will increase by 47%. In fact, a radically new, upgraded product will enter the network solutions market.

"We felt long ago that we had grown out of the volume of our projects and wanted more, but we didn't know how to achieve it. A little later Sypwai appeared on the market with its exclusive product, and we realized in what direction we wanted to go next. Of course, we began to think about starting a partnership at that time," recalls Head of Development Witold Likinski.

Sypwai, on the other hand, believes that their new partners will be able to use artificial intelligence to the maximum, because it was for such areas of activity that the founders of the startup had originally planned to apply the product. "We hope this collaboration will be fruitful for both companies. For our part, we will do our best to strengthen our position in the market," Sypwai promises.